Happy Halloween, Vulture, 4 Pack, Greeting Cards, Scary Gift, Birdwatcher Gift, Raptor Card #C7

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Greeting cards with a digitally enhanced photo of a vulture in a tree.  It was spring-time. All the trees around this one had leaves, this tree was almost bare and had dead leaves.  The words "Happy Halloween" are on the front of the card." The photo was taken by Pam Branch Sherman in a local park. 

- 4 tent-style cards, printed on white card stock (4 1/4" x 5 1/2" - folded)

- 4 white, A2 envelopes (4 3/8" x  5 3/4")

- blank inside

- Option: Four cards packaged in one clear cellophane bag or four cards packaged individually in 4 cellophane bags.