About the Designer

Pamela Branch Sherman began designing jewelry in 2005. She was introduced to the art of jewelry-making by colleagues, who invited her to join a beading group. After the first few minutes of that introductory meeting, Pam was hooked. She started out with simple handmade earrings, but quickly graduated to making complex, elegant pieces, like sterling silver, filigree jewelry, by using advanced techniques, such as soldering.

Designing jewelry renewed Pam's desire to create. She started painting abstract art in college, but due to the demands of school and her subsequent career, Pam painted infrequently. Once Pam began designing jewelry, she started painting regularly and had her first art exhibition called "The Dagger Collection" at Sip Lounge, in Harlem, in November 2006. Opening night of the exhibition not only marked the commencement of Pam's art show, but it also celebrated the launch of pambranchdesigns.com.

While her website has displayed Pam's paintings and wall sculptures, the main focus has always been her elegant jewelry. Pam prides herself in making affordable jewelry. She selects her beads, wire and other materials with the utmost care. Pam's first designs beautifully incorporated pearls, Swarovski crystals, gemstones, and glass beads. Her wires and chains were primarily sterling silver and 14k gold-filled, but she also used copper and brass. 

Her most recent collection incorporates laser-cut wood and acrylic jewelry. Some pieces are a mix of both wood and acrylic.  Many of the hand-painted, wood designs  are inspired by patterns found in indigenous art and tapestries.

Pam would like to thank Brenda, Martha and Judith for igniting her creative spark. Pam would especially like to thank her fiancé, Eric Sherman, for his love and support, as well and her fantastic family (Margaret, Angie, Linda, Isaiah, Joshua, Jonah, Hannah and the late Roosevelt Branch).

If there is a particular design you would like altered or if you would like to have a piece custom made, please contact us. Information about placing a wholesale order can be obtained by contacting us as well. To learn more about Pam's reputation as a seller online, read her Ebay feedback as well her Etsy feedback.