When I'm Not Designing Jewelry ...

Sometimes you have to get away from it all. No schedule, no work and no internet ... just free!   (I just couldn't get my phone to work right in the mountains. My cell service is horrible).

Anyway, my sister and I took a drive through the mountains in North Carolina in early November. The scenery was beautiful!  We stopped at the Pattons Run Overlook in the Nantahala National Forest.  The river was so loud!  It was chilly, but we enjoyed the view. 

Trip to North Carolina - November 2017 from Pamela Branch on Vimeo.

The air was fresh and natural, just like our faces. No make up and we didn't care.  After we left the overlook, we traveled on down the highway.

Angie and Pam-Pattons Overlook_Nantahala National Forest

Before we got to our ultimate destination (the casino), we pulled over to watch a guy that was in some sort of kayak in the river. He seemed to be trying to run some sort of obstacle course, but, maybe, he missed a marker, so he was trying to row upstream. We were not sure what he was doing, but we stood there and watched him for awhile. We had nothing but time and it was a bit entertaining.


If you know what he was doing, feel free to add a comment below.

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