New Sales Reps! See Pam Branch Designs at The Columbus Marketplace

I'm so excited to have new sales reps on board! GR8 Reps, based in Ohio, are on the move and they have my jewelry in tow. :-) 

As much as I love to get out on the road, samples in hand, traveling from store to store, I can't do it all.  It's a relief to have road reps and a showroom covering states that I could never cover on my own.

This fall, my line is full of new designs.  It has been a challenge to incorporate new materials, such as genuine leather, but it has been so much fun.  

pam branch designs jewelry pic of leather 

Making multiples of my designs for the samples has been a challenge too, but the Cricut Maker has been revolutionary with respect to cutting the leather for the tassels and other components.

Pam Branch Designs creates samples for sales reps.

Geometric designs have been a breeze to create in Cricut's Design Space.

Circles and half-moon jewelry. Cut with a Cricut

I have also incorporated faux leather into my line in order to provide a less expensive alternative for those that do not want to purchase or wear genuine leather.  

Pam Branch Designs faux leather jewelry.

It takes effort to make the same designs again and again, but I love what I do.  I see it as a challenge and an adventure.  

Pam Branch Designs makes samples in her studio.

I am confident that my new sales reps will be a success. I have prayed to God for his guidance and help and I know He will see me and my business through.

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