Video - Greeting Card Inspiration - Our Visit to The Farmhouse Inn at Hundred Acre Farm in Madison, GA

We had a great time visiting the Farmhouse Inn at Hundred Acre Farm in Madison, Georgia. The pictures and videos were shot during the 4th of July weekend of 2020. This was our second visit to the farm and it did not disappoint.

As a budding photographer and greeting card maker, I was inspired by the natural beauty of the farm and the grounds. We had a great time taking walks and birdwatching. Fishing and kayaking in Lake Oconee was an adventure. The farm animals were awesome. We loved the peacock! Not only were the farm animals and dogs fun to hang out with, but we loved taking pictures of the wide variety of birds, insects and flowers.

Because of the need to "social distance", the Farmhouse Inn was the perfect 2020 getaway. While the check-in process was contactless, we still felt welcomed by the the owners and staff. The accommodations and decor are rustic, comfortable and affordable. We look forward to our next trip. 

_______________________________________________________________________Select greeting cards and jewelry are available at the Farmhouse Inn. Please visit to view our entire collection of jewelry, cards and other products.  Thank you Eric Sherman for editing the video! :-) **This video and accommodations were not sponsored by the Farmhouse Inn**

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