A quick tour of the lady cave/studio.

Take a glimpse at an order for laser cut jewelry.  The pieces are cut, then painted, usually using toothpicks. The jewelry in the top of the picture on the shelf are samples. The pieces below are unfinished pieces that need to be painted.

Pam Branch Designs is just getting started on this order.

The painting has begun. Painting outside the line can be a disaster, so I have to be pretty careful. The paint is water-based, so it cleans up fine, but the goal is to stay in the tiny lines.

Pam Branch Designs jewelry making in progress.

This is the finished order. 

Pam Branch Designs recent completed order for Brilliant Story Bar

See a bit of the studio where our handmade jewelry is designed, created and photographed.

pbd-tour from Pamela Branch on Vimeo.

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